Artist statement


In my art, I create a new world, a new one from the existing one. I like to paint in different ways. Sometimes it is figurative, sometimes it is abstract, sometimes it can be funny or blaspheme but in a deeper meaning they are all very religious in some sort of way. The figurative painting’s style is or can be similar that the Neue Sachlichkeit or the New Objectivity style, but not always. My style is basically always changing, despite the fact that constant traits can be discovered. But it is certain that the early years are about this path-finding and also I think a personality and a life has this nature as well: always changing. Couple of years ago my abstract painting were mostly expressive paintings. I really looked up at Wols. A few years later I painted the abstract artworks more like in a meditative way, so I created lines and stripes and that time I looked up at Bridget Riley. 

My point of view is that one of the most important things about painting is the colors and the artwork must have a character. Without any life remains inside of the peace of artwork, it is just an empty yell in the middle of the forest.

I also create objects, called assemblage. And I also do embroidery artworks, writing art and collages. As the famous Latin quote said: Variety of delights. /Varietas Delectat/




2012 - 2018 Hungarian University of Fine Art - Painter Class – Révész László László
2015 - University of Reading (UK) – Painter Class
2018 - 2019 Hungarian University of Fine Arts - Teacher Training
2019-2020 - Volunteering in Romania, Cristuru Secuiesc, Europian Solidarity Corps project


National Scientific Students' Associations Conference, 2015 –Special Award
Amadeus Fundamenta Foundation Award – 2017

Art Camps:

2013: Art Stays, Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj, Slovenia
2013, 2015, 2016 – Art Camp in Tihany

Presence, Projects:

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